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Posted by jeff.shaw32  (on March 18, 2012)
Damnit! Wish I’d bought at $20. Such a high quality company. Extremely low capital costs, huge margins and an economic moat to boot. Hard to find this in a tech company. It’s even still undervalued. Maybe I’ll buy now...
Posted by pbanik  (on November 23, 2012)
@ jeff.shaw32 and Alexleroi, you may get your chance if the looming fiscal cliff does take place. In February 2009, the stock was trading at $16.70, or roughly slightly above 50% what is trading for now. Stocks tend to fluctuate in price. Over the course of time, good or even great stocks can be bought at bargain prices. The problem is you might have to wait years. The last time the price was that low for ADBE stock was July2003, when it was trading at $16.36. In terms of price/book and price/sales valuation metrics, the stock is too expensive for me right now. I would rather wait for a pullback and buy later. INTC is looking more attractive right now.
Posted by buffettdisciple  (on March 19, 2012)
I bought at $22 and haven’t looked back. Apple dropping flash certainly scared people but they forget how many other products ADBE offers. They’re extremely proficient at building high quality products that can’t be rivaled. Very profitable (and consistent too!). Think I’ll probably exit at $35 and hope for a price drop in teh future.
Posted by Alexleroi  (on November 22, 2012)
It's somewhat expensive now. I hope it drop.