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Posted by ValueDave  (on March 18, 2012)
All I gotta do is quote Charlie Munger, “Google has a huge new moat. In fact, I’ve never probably seen such a wide moat. I don’t know how to take it away from them. Their moat is filled with sharks.” GOOG is Growth at a Reasonable Price company.
Posted by JManuelCano  (on February 19, 2014)
Google is tackling competitors like Apple and Microsoft not for the sake of profit but to expand its horizons and innovate in established fields as well as establishing new fields. Google has the ability to discover the new 'it' technology and establish itself as a leading innovator like Apple, and as an adaptive and strong brand like Microsoft.
Posted by f.boillatmadfouny  (on January 21, 2013)
For me Google is giving what consumers want. Just think of Chrome, and the amazing built-in app and extension system.
Posted by superentronics  (on February 22, 2014)
I think GOOGLE may be slightly overheated but I still plan on holding for the long haul. If it does drop then I will pick up more shares.
Posted by  (on May 9, 2014)
Posted by longTermTitan  (on May 4, 2014)
Free cash, marketing, innovation, and the largest economic moat i've every seen. I don't need to convince you why this is a good company to invest in. I only regret I hadn't invested sooner.
Posted by ANT  (on September 24, 2013)
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Posted by pbanik  (on September 24, 2013)
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Posted by Ingo  (on July 11, 2013)
Is Google a brilliant company? well yes

But what about the price?

P/E of 27 is quite high.

Think i pass and stand on the sideline for a while and hoping for a big short term drop in price.
Posted by pbanik  (on July 13, 2013)
@Ingo Yes, plus the P/B and P/S metrics are rather high. It closed Friday at its' historical high. Eventually stocks will cool off. I would be patient and wait for the stock to plunge down. For those of who can't say it won't happen, look at IBM. It's trading for less today than it was in the 1960s.
Posted by Robert.T  (on March 18, 2012)
Search market share is stalling. Not sure that they can keep growing till the end of time.
Posted by patel.neel53  (on March 23, 2012)
Well Google itself said that it is no more only a search company. But much more than that. Their entry in Mobile industry and TV/Internet industry is a sign of it. As they cannot only rely only on search anymore.
Posted by theguy  (on March 23, 2012)
The problem is, Google+ totally changed the company. A lot of the employees have been complaining that it's an entirely different culture since the G+ push and since Larry Page took over. I'm far less bullish on GOOG than I used to be as a result...
Posted by drew  (on October 17, 2012)
Google is merging into becoming a platform and an OS. We may think that OSX has the advantage here, but actually, Google has been App based well before Chrome, people just looked at it as though they were visiting websites, but what Google was doing was building an integrated platform which is now being tied together in actual hardware through Nexus. While Apple arrived there through a single-minded leader, Google really crowd sourced itself to the same destination, with the difference being that Google's platform is far more nimble and responsive, while Apple is now struggling with a gated community issue.
Posted by Joe.R  (on August 2, 2012)
GOOG is now a long slow growth company-- advertising while not dead isn't paying out like it used to. I do believe the future of GOOGs income/growth will be social/mobile and internet and you'll prob see an uptick in the price as earnings from GOOGs new high-speed internet service takes hold. Remember they bought a lot of dark fiber from data companies going belly up following the dot com bubble. JMO.
Posted by Scudy  (on May 11, 2012)
Google has already diversified and poured money into so many different businesses that it has already proven itself worthy in spending each dollar towards the long term. As long as that statement holds true, I will never doubt Google. Correction on previous statement, "Search is the largest source of revenue for Google, but its not the only source, (Ex. youtube ads)From my standpoint, Google has no competitors really as there is no firm really competing on Google's level save Sony, Microsoft.
Posted by pbanik  (on October 24, 2012)
@drew Android is winning the battle with iOS in terms of mobile phones.
Android Market Share Q3 2012: Google's Still Beating Apple, But Will The iPhone 5 Change That?
Their revenue is up roughly 45% in Quarter 2 of 2012 compared to the same period last year, however their net income is down about 20%.
Posted by Scudy  (on January 20, 2013)
It is 2013. I want to hear everyone's thoughts towards this company. Please include your diagnosis on their M&A division, Startup divisions, alternative energy investments, Google Fiber, Google Glass, Google's relationship with auto manufacturers pertaining to its involvement with autonomous driving, Chrome/Android/Search/Maps/Google+.
Posted by bill  (on September 28, 2012)
Where is it backed up that search is stalling. Free Cash has grown to 11 billion. I'm not a huge fan of the Mot buy, but Youtube is a behemoth. Revenue has tripled to 2 billion in 3 years at Youtube. Goog should concentrate more on new content or aggregating content better in Youtube. Combine that with their new fast fiber and I see Youtube earnings possibly growing to 10 billion in 8-10 years. I hope Goog recognizes that Youtube is potentially their biggest asset.
Posted by thecoloradopeach  (on March 23, 2014)
Posted by thecoloradopeach  (on March 23, 2014)
Posted by thecoloradopeach  (on March 23, 2014)
Posted by dennisyap  (on March 28, 2012)
Have to watch out Window 8 it might overtake Android in mobile platform.