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Posted by patrickvb  (on August 22, 2012)
Microsoft and Nokia are holding a joint press conference on Sept. 5 in New York to unveil the Windows phone 8 and the new Lumia.
Nokia also starts its own Nokia World event in Helsinki, on the 5 & 6 September

Chris Weber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nokia, sent a Tweet "Samsung, take note, next generation Lumia coming soon.".
Posted by tivel  (on July 12, 2012)
VURU has a hell of a lot of nerve dropping its score by so much in one day. Explanation please.
Posted by tivel  (on July 12, 2012)
wtf? So we are basing some of our decisions on data that is not current? That cannot be it.
Posted by BankerWordsmith  (on June 23, 2012)
The charts read like a floor has been established. And the recent news about layoffs in Finland, should shake up Nokia's Finish nationalistic management. It must have been hard for the Microsoft former exec to get enough power to abandon Finland as a manufacturing point; but he has enough support now, that things might change.

We need to cover the past a bit to understand some internal items. Anyone in Finland 10 years ago was proud of the Tire maker Nokia. Nokia became a R&D powerhouse and had facilities & operations everywhere in Finland; and Nokia was expanding it's R&D and manufacturing into North America (Vancouver, San Diego, Irving, etc). A sure way for a Finn to see the world was to have a degree & work for Nokia.

There was a certain amount of pride in making the high-end phones in Finland. And it was reinforced by folks who they saw looking for the white "Nokia made in Finland" label in the battery compartment. But this is a for profit company, not a small town life support system.

Products: How much do you need to spend on phone R&D? Nokia spent lots, which is what the business required. Then the RF tech wasn't well known to lots of people, and hard to get right. The software/firmware was tough to control when you yearly introduced 100's of models coming out, spread out across the world. Farming out manufacturing kept EPS going - for a little while. Free R&D started showing up in the form of QualComm Ref designs and the Andriod OS. So the moat surrounding the business dried up, and margin's faded as Nokia had to compete on final product price with similar but very cheaply acquired tech.

If Nokia stays independent, there are only two ways this will go: Nokia will exists as a shell in Finland supported by Finland. Or it starts to act like a company fighting for it's life as it moves out of Finland. However, I would say the odds of Nokia staying independent after a European recovery are very low. Once the money becomes available, this company will be taken-over, taken private. In a worst case scenario, split apart for patent rights.

If you are in Nokia, then stay, no point in selling now. If you are looking to trade, buy and look for some action on news.

This might be a good medium term-entry, but don't expect Lumina to pull this company out of the slump. It's going to take the old multiple product/marketing roll-outs to compete with the singleton Apple iPhone brand. Old companies have too much old infrastructure that needs dismantlement - and that's hard to do in real life.

By essentially selling out to Microsoft, Nokia is taking a huge gamble. Microsoft is known to dump hardware. The MS software group will fight for recognition, and under assist. Ie throw up road blocks for hooks and integration, ie it's best resources after the last reporter finishes his last free drink at a conference. Don't forget, Microsoft has the cloud to worry about. This is just a small diversion for Microsoft, and once Microsoft's attention drifts, say goodbye Nokia.

A couple of things have to go perfectly for Nokia's share holders to make money on a turn around. Nokia has bet on it's turn around on Microsoft; and Microsoft's is fickle about hardware. If I really wanted to bet, I would bet on a share price rise due to some rumor, a buy-in, a buy-out...but I wouldn't bet on the fundamentals of today's phone business contributing to EPS.
Posted by Jon855  (on April 26, 2012)
NOK is just bouncing off a 14 years low. The Lumia lineup is NOK's attempt to ditch NOK's own OS for the smartphone market. NOK has decided to partner up with MSFT to use MSFT's OS on their phones.

Is it paying off?

Consider this, the Lumia 900 could have been had for free because NOK were giving a full rebate on the phone within a time frame due to some "software issue" which has been patched. This shows that NOK has an interpretative interest to do themselves better and while the Windows 7.5 OS on the Lumia 900 is pretty efficient. Windows 8 OS for the phones should be rolling out for all phones that presently has Windows 7.5 OS on it, whether it is assured has to be seen. Microsoft hasn't released any statement on whether all phones will obtain the upgrade or not.

From what I have observed, Nokia will be coming back strongly within few quarters. Nokia's TV Spots for Lumia 900 are brilliant.

Full Disclosure: I have a Lumia 900.
Posted by Honeybadger  (on June 12, 2012)
Can't say for certain, but vuru probably just inputted 2011 numbers. New numbers, new grade.
Posted by tivel  (on July 12, 2012)
Ok thanks? That response SUCKS! First of all, it cannot be correct, that they don't input current numbers. I thought this is supposed to be virtually a real time analysis. Second, 20 points in one day? I would love to hear their justification for that one.
Posted by Honeybadger  (on July 13, 2012)
Ok, so you are complaining about a service that you are getting for absolutely free. Gift horse... mouth...imo. Furthermore you are griping about my take on why it may have fallen. Why don't you gripe to NOK? That would be more well placed.
Posted by mcruscetti  (on March 21, 2012)
From what I hear, the Windows Mobile software is acutally legitimately good. It's great to see the space heating up a little more.

The question is can Nokia deliver the goods on the hardware. I've gotta admit i have a soft spot for Nokia. I loved the simplicity of their old phones but the question is can they compete with Apple. Their flagship product the Lumia 900 ( - Image) looks good but a bit bulky.. I don't know if it's enough.
Posted by yusiye  (on April 26, 2012)
but from the people who actually own the new nokia windows phone, its still far out of the league with iphone, even android. I don't think they can turn around anytime soon.
I see they probably will follow RIM.
Posted by leonfriese77  (on April 26, 2012)
Always good to get consumers insights when it comes to this. Industry reports can often be misleading. Remember when that guy from Bloomberg said the iPhone would fail?