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Posted by wsb556  (on December 11, 2012)
2013 is going to be a big year for SBUX if prospective growth in China is accurate.
Posted by Alexleroi  (on December 13, 2012)
I'm currently in China. SBUX is indeed getting into each and every city on the map. One dangerous thing to watch out: the skyrocketing rents and wages! The Middle Kingdoms (China) are no longer an "inexpensive" place to do business. In 5 years, average operating costs in China will reach 2/3 of US. The gov'ts here love Keynesian approach way too much. Indeed, they've got more knowledge than Japs on how to stimulate economy. One side effect is declining ROIC and skyrocketing costs for each and every business. Besides, Chinese have a lot more past time than just sitting there with an Americano in SBUX. Better take SBUX's projections with a grain of a salt.
Posted by guiding.god  (on December 24, 2012)
great points here, thanks
Posted by pbanik  (on October 5, 2012)
They're growing, but based on their growth rate, I think they're overpriced. They're trading over 27 times earnings, but if they're trading at that price multiple, they should be growing at least 27%.
I think if a stock has a P/E multiple of 1, they should be at least growing net income at 1% annually. If they have a price multiple of 1000, they should be having at least 1000% increase in income.

@Cameron Looking at their income statement, I think a 20% growth rate based on net income is probably more realistic.
Posted by cvho123456789  (on October 2, 2012)
Posted by Cameron  (on March 20, 2012)
A 30% growth rate is not unreasonable for SBUX. Although the growth rate for the growth price is capped at 15%, this might be worth a second look. They sure aren't going anywhere soon.