USEG  U.s. Energy Corp.






Oil & Gas Production

Market Cap.


Good Balance Sheet

USEG's Total Assets double Total Liabilities. Its financial position is adequate. Remember to check Shareholders' Equity to see if it's stable or growing. It's one of the best measures of whether a company is creating value for shareholders.
Figures in USD. Fiscal year ends in December
Cash 3.84M 7.33M 18.25M 79.40M 65.09M 56.64M 25.22M 13.04M 3.01M 5.92M
Current Assets 5.42M 7.84M 43.33M 82.73M 72.77M 62.10M 29.82M 37.14M 26.02M 13.16M
Total Assets 30.70M 38.11M 51.90M 131.40M 142.63M 146.72M 156.02M 162.44M 140.83M 126.80M
Current Liabilities 6.06M 1.23M 11.60M 8.09M 19.98M 8.67M 18.76M 20.94M 13.25M 7.19M
Total Liabilities 24.42M 13.55M 18.92M 16.30M 30.80M 17.59M 25.33M 35.66M 24.71M 17.74M
Stockholder' Equity 6.28M 24.56M 32.98M 115.10M 111.83M 129.13M 130.69M 126.78M 116.12M 109.06M
Current Ratio 0.89 6.36 3.74 10.22 3.64 7.16 1.59 1.77 1.96 1.83
TL-to-TA 0.80 0.36 0.36 0.12 0.22 0.12 0.16 0.22 0.18 0.14

Low or No Reinvestment of Profits over the past 10 years

USEG has either been retaining a small amount of their earnings or has done so inconsistently. A lack of consistency could be due to USEG operating at a loss or them having such a strong economic moat they feel comfortable spending profits on growth. Be wary of future prospects and if applicable, inspect the moat's sustainability.
Figures in USD. Fiscal year ends in December
Retained Earnings -49.32M -40.15M -39.10M 19.05M 17.66M 9.49M 8.71M 3.91M -7.34M -14.72M
Retained Earnings Growth - 18.59% 2.62% 148.72% -7.29% -46.30% -8.14% -55.17% -287.89% -100.55%