Frequently Asked Questions

Vuru Screener

The Vuru Screener allows users to find high-quality, undervalued stocks quickly and easily.

The Screener is laid out in three parts. The panel on the left controls which criteria will be used to find stocks. The sliders to the right control the values and qualities that will be used to find stocks. And the table below shows the results of which stocks match the given criteria.

By default, the Screener shows all stocks in the Vuru system, ordered by Vuru Grade. If you simply want to find the highest rated stocks in the Vuru system, start by looking there. To be more specific about what kinds of stocks should be searched for, use the criteria above.

Start by selecting criteria on the left that are important to you when buying a stock. Good ones to start with are the default criteria: Vuru Grade, Growth Price, Balance Sheet, Competitive Advantage and Dividend History (if you are interested in dividend stocks). From there, move the sliders for each criteria to set the bounds on the type of stock you want to find. For example, move the Balance Sheet slider to "Good" to only find stocks that have a balance sheet rated "Good" or better. The colour of the slider will change depending on how low the boundary on the criteria is set. Lower boundaries on a criteria allow you to find more stocks, however the quality of these stocks may not be as good. Keep in mind that if the boundary is set too high there may not be any stocks that meet the search parameters.

Once the criteria has been set, click Screen. This will update the table below with every stock in our system that matches the set criteria. It will also save the criteria settings so that you can leave the page to look at a stock and then come back, and it will remain unchanged.