Frequently Asked Questions

Vuru Portfolio

The Vuru Portfolio can be used to both keep track of stocks you own, and also stocks that you are interested in owning. What's great about the Vuru Portfolio tool is that it doesn't just track your performance, it highlights your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses.

The top section of the Portfolio page shows an overview of your portfolio. The Portfolio Vuru Grade is an aggregate of the Vuru Grade of all the stocks in your portfolio. The pie chart is a break down of how many portfolio stocks are undervalued or overvalued. On the right, there are metrics showing your daily and total returns.

Start by adding stocks to the portfolio using the text box. It's really quick to build up a list of stocks that you own or are interested in. Once you have stocks in your portfolio, the breakdown of their fundamentals can be seen below. This matrix instantly makes it clear where each stock's strengths and weaknesses lie, based on the same metrics that are in the stock reports. Clicking on a row will show more details about that stock. Add transaction data if you own the stock to get performance data for that holding.

Vuru makes it incredibly simple to manage your portfolio. Use this tool to keep track of how stocks are actually doing, and where their intrinsic value lies.