Discussion Guidelines

What To Do

1. Be Respectful

We're all here to share our insights and learn from each other about the potential of an investment. Some of these insights will be awesome and some will be not so awesome. Either way, always treat others how you'd like to be treated. Respect is key to maintaining a high quality level of discourse between Vuru members and is the best way to get the most out of the community. Be respectful, be respected!

2. Add Value First

Community members love people that add to the discussion. It's the best way to earn Knowlege Points and go from Wall Street Zero to Wall Street Hero. In other words, don't start by promoting your product or blog. That's a quick way to get downvoted and potentially banned!

3. Focus on the Stock and Be Relevant

When commenting, be sure to provide an insight specific to that particular stock or that is relevant to its industry or sector. This way we all get the most pertinent data as quickly as possible!

Please avoid discussing political issues or the economic picture unless it directly pertains to the stock. For example, if there's a downturn in consumer spending, then discussing this in relation to Wal-Mart is relevant. Discussing Ron Paul 2012 is not.

4. Share High Quality Links

Links to high quality content can help further the discussion significantly but always make sure to include a short description of what's in the link and relevant insights from the content in your comment. This way people know why it's relevant to the discussion and helps you get more Knowledge Points.

Also, be sure to link directly to the content, whether its an article, a chart or data. That way, people instantly get value when clicking through and can give you the Knowledge Points you deserve!

5. Flag Offensive Comments or Spam

Quality of discussion is priority #1 for our community managers. Any time a comment is flagged, we review it and decide on a course of action.

What NOT To Do

1. Don't Spam

No one ruins the party quite like someone spamming the discussions with links to their own blog posts about particular stocks. See #2 above in 'What To Do'. To maintain the quality of the community, we'll give you a warning if we see you do this and if we see you doing it again, we may have no choice but to ban your account. We don't want to do that type of stuff but it's necessary.

2. Don't be Vulgar

Sometimes discussion gets heated and an expletive slips out. For some people, this is fine and for others, it's offensive. We want to make sure Vuru's community is a place that everyone enjoys, so please avoid using vulgar language. Occassional usage is OK, but not encouraged.

If you have any questions or comments, email us at support@vuru.co and we will get back to you ASAP.